Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Anyone looking for a writer? This cube dwelling, head set wearing, slobbering at the foot of absolute ignorants is for the birds...

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?


  1. THEE best book I've ever read is...THE ROAD by Cormac McCarthy!

    Sick book!

  2. Dude... Why don't you write more stuff here? You are an amazing writer, and people would probably pay for your book.

    Any job is better than no job right now, with about 20% of Americans not working. And the Emperor just keeps right on playing his fiddle.

  3. Dude....I saw McCarthy and thought it said McMurty, like you've done gone and read LONESOME DOVE after all! I need that eye exam bad!

    You need some tunes up in here! Need lessons again?

    Then tell us about those little 'YOUs' running around your house!

    What if that cubical had a sliding glass window and you had to sit there, with the headset on plus smile at real people while keeping every hair in place and your nose powdered ALL DAY LONG!!!!

  4. Geno: Thank you sir. I was attempting to get that 1st novel going, seeing as I've been taking notes for it for about 4 years...chugga chugga choo choo!

    Good point on the job front. It's hard to take orders from idiots but look at the annals of History, people been doing it for hundreds of years...though this makes me wanna cry and does not concole whatsoever!


    Miss Athens: You do need that eye exam Ma'am. It's on my list. I remember when you first mentioned "Lonesome Dove", it's just the list is ever growing. Hopefully I'll live to be 'bout 188, which still will not afford me the time for all the books I wanna read or the concerts I wish to attend.

    My little you's are wonderful. Bella is so sweet and my little princess with more than a hint of fullback in her and Drew continues to bash away at my drumset and has gotten pretty good, much to his Madre's dismay.

    He practices to the audio of the McCartney show we went to this summer but allowed me to choose the music once. Of course it was blues (Muddy Waters I believe!) and after 5 or 6 tracks he said,

    "Daddy, this is REAL easy, let's play some rock and roll."

    Nearly broke his old man's heart for a multitude of reasons.

    Be well.